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How to Easily Track Vehicle Mileage for Work with the Cardata App

Automatic mileage capture saves drivers and administrators a lot of time, and helps keep vehicle programs IRS-compliant and tax-efficient.

Cardata has recently released the latest version of the Cardata Mobile App, it’s available to Cardata clients in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. If your goal is fair reimbursement for costs incurred while traveling for business, Cardata has paved the way.

WATCH: Co-CEO Mike Levine breaks down why vehicle reimbursement programs need GPS mileage apps.

Keep Your Business in Top Condition

Cardata Mobile automatically provides accurate mileage tracking, and IRS-accountable records, while saving drivers time and companies money – both in administrative resources utilized and tax and cost savings advantages. Mi-Route’s functionality was developed to optimize the health of your VRP, from seamless GPS tracking and automatic mileage capture to real-time data transfer, and full integration between Cardata Mobile and Cardata Cloud.

All features are controlled through the app’s dashboard highlighting driver status, monthly and daily trips. Naming, editing and reviewing records is straight-ahead. Record transfers to our digital platform serve as a cornerstone for calculating correct reimbursement and maintaining the most accurate records. With just one click, tracking can be enabled or disabled for privacy, weekend and evening driving.

Leverage Our Client Service & Security Expertise

Security is top of mind for every enterprise we meet with. Cardata implements a robust defense-in-depth security strategy for data in motion and in our private cloud. Interested in more security details? Schedule a consultation with us.

Considering how second nature data applications, data gathering and using your phone to do business has become, onboarding and operation are familiar processes. Your dedicated Client Service Associate (CSA) will always be ready to act as your guide if needed.

Looking to improve your record keeping and the integrity of your VRP? Set up a Cardata mobile demo today!

About Cardata: Cardata provides vehicle reimbursement programs for the mobile workforce. Cardata services save money, reduce risk, and remove administration. Cardata programs are compliant with the IRS and the CRA.

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