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Cardata's Anna D. discusses our premium client services.

Exceptional customer service and support isn’t a lost art, it’s just rare. Anna Dedominicis, who’s been helping our customers with everything from communicating program details to facilitating on-time reimbursement for a decade, is a customer support artisan.

“Making life easier is my goal for each and every call, whether that’s by educating someone on IRS compliance or walking them through downloading and launching our mileage tracking app,” Anna says. As a Client Service Associate (CSA), she’s part of the Cardata team delivering Platinum Service, which is structured so that each account has a dedicated CSA. With Platinum Service, you have a direct access to your CSA. Instead of working through call center prompts “that have recently changed” or identifying yourself and repeating the situation with each new agent, you connect with someone who knows you and your company’s customized FAVR program.

Quickly Get Down to Business – with Someone You Know and Trust

It’s human nature to be on edge when a problem involves money, whether you are a driver or an administrator responsible for ensuring that reimbursements are correct. Working with someone you know takes the stress out of the situation. “People are more comfortable speaking with the same person when they call in,” Anna explains. “The difference the personal touch and a ‘we can work through anything’ attitude can make is amazing.”

What Makes Platinum Service Special

  • Direct-to-CSA contact instead of a call center
  • Dedicated account representative that knows you and your VRP
  • CSA manages VRP administration and provides consultative support
  • Annual review tailored FAVR program

Experience has taught Anna that an issue at hand often signals related questions, and the best way to get customers back to being productive is to “proactively guide them with answers to questions I know will come up, and not end the call until we both are sure that they truly understand what we’ve discussed.” Your time is precious. Anna, and all CarData CSAs for that matter, respond to requests within one hour, should you not immediately connect.

After 10 years (and counting!) and a career that began in a large corporation before joining our team, Anna can bring into focus the difference that platinum service can make in VRP provider/enterprise partnerships. “With all the change in this world, consistency instills peace of mind,” she says. Shout-outs from long-standing customers say it best: “Love your energy, always smiling when we talk”, “Wow, that is easy. Thank you so much for your quick reply”, and “Truly do appreciate the excellent customer service you have provided. Have a great weekend!”

About Cardata: Cardata provides vehicle reimbursement programs for the mobile workforce. Cardata services save money, reduce risk, and remove administration. Cardata programs are compliant with the IRS and the CRA.

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