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Cardata’s new user experience research program

Cardata is launching a new UX research program to listen to our customers. We need admins & drivers to help us design amazing future product features.


Today, I am thrilled to announce that Cardata has launched a new customer-focused user experience research (UXR) program. Our UX researchers will be engaging with drivers and administrators on Cardata programs. The goal of the program is to better understand the needs of our drivers and include their feedback in our iterative software design process.

We have built a crack team of engineers and designers to continue advancing our mobile app and cloud portal, capturing the best parts of the software that people have grown to love and evolving the parts that can be advanced. 

As new builds get underway, we will be seeking your feedback at various touchpoints. You will have the opportunity to test features, before and after launches, both virtually and live. 

We are beginning to host testing video calls, and we are even planning to send UX researchers into the field to ride along with Cardata users as they go about their work. 

We are actively seeking participants for this program. If you or one of your colleagues uses Cardata software, as a driver or admin, reach out and we will see how best to enroll you in the program. 

Our online interviews are well underway, but there is still time to join. Our ridealong program is just now launching, and this is the perfect time to sign up.

Reason for the program

At Cardata, we listen to you—not only from a standard customer service perspective, but also from a product design perspective. Customer service is our bread and butter, but we believe that customer service starts with serving you the right software features.

One of Cardata’s primary missions is to make driving for work easy. We want to save drivers time and give you back valuable hours for meaningful work. Our enemies are paper mileage logs and excel spreadsheets. 

So, when we design our app and our cloud portal, we need them to be easy to use. If you are spending more time troubleshooting than you were spending filling out your paper logs, we have failed at our mission. If you need a 10-minute call to resolve a problem, that is a problem in itself. 

The point of our iterative approach to software builds is to eliminate the need for any troubleshooting, any unnecessary calls (though we are still always here if you would just like to chat!)—we redesign to live up to what has long been our promise: set it, forget it, and drive!

The problem

Our products and services have delighted clients for more than 20 years. Founded in 1999, Cardata has designed and redesigned our core offering with the customer in mind. Our initial app (MiRoute, for any Cardata vets) was even designed in close collaboration with a select few of our client partners.

As we move forward, welcoming more customers, we ask ourselves: how do we move forward with truly modern UX principles, yet without breaking features and services that drivers delight in? How do we create an app that works for everyone, for thousands of drivers at the world’s greatest enterprises, without abandoning our original attitudes toward collaborative, boutique, bespoke software design? 

Lately, we have dramatically increased our product, engineering, and UX staff headcount. We are equipped to build the best software products in the space. We could add anything, but we want to ensure that what we include in future builds is what our users tell us they want—not just what we assume they do. 

This has long been a tenet of our design philosophy. Our software was conceived in partnership with our clients, and our updates will be no different. 

The solutions

We are supercharging our listening efforts.

Our solution is to partner UX researchers with our clients, working with them as new features are being built and after they are completed. We want to know how you respond to our ideas. 

Phase one, already in motion, involves bringing you online to test software features as they are under construction. This will allow us to iterate even while we build. 

Phase two is to send our UX team into the field to ride along with users of our mobile app. We will go on a listening tour to hear what drivers want, and see what they experience in their daily drives.

Phase three is to launch a beta test program, so you can provide feedback on fully engineered versions of the product, and help us decide where to go after launch.

We are investing heavily in user research in order to learn, from our existing and future clients, what incredible user experiences look like. We hope that our clients will appreciate the opportunity to have a direct impact on the future of Cardata products. Our products are tools that you use in your daily work, so these tools should be shaped precisely to your hand. 

Moreover, we are also scouring the customer support forums for themes. We read what you write to us, and are applying your feedback to our initial designs. Even if you decide not to participate in this program, there exist spaces where you can have your say. Post on a forum, provide feedback online, call our customer support team: wherever you speak, we listen.


We have built this program to close the loop between customer service and engineering. At present, our customer service muscles are best in class. But we’re excited to build on these relationships. By partnering with our customers in this way, we are able to anticipate and prepare for your evolving needs today and tomorrow.

We have lately expanded our team to include software engineers from world-class companies. Our team is eager to use the principles learned in demanding environments to transform Cardata’s software. But a truly modern application and dashboard will respond to the insights of the people who use them every day. Our engineers will build only after you have had your say.

Again, if you or one of your colleagues would like to participate in this research program—in phases one, two or three—reach out.

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